Online Gambling History

The History of Online Gambling

Online Gambling ImageAlthough many online casino players take playing online for granted nowadays, there have not always been online casinos and the opportunity to enjoy gambling online.  Most of us take the Internet for granted, and along with it, the online gambling sites, however, for the majority of those who now have Internet access, having access to the Internet from the comfort of your own home is a relatively new phenomenon.  Online gambling was introduced around the middle of the 1990s.

The first official body that regulated and legalized online gambling was the Caribbean government.  This took place in 1994, and the Caribbean became the first actual online gambling jurisdiction in the history of online gambling.  This move paved the path for many other online gambling jurisdictions that evolved after this time.  It was certainly a big step forward on the path of online gambling.

In the same year, the well known Microgaming online casino software company was formed.  The software company is still one of the major players in the online gambling arena, and is well known around the world.  This online gambling software provider is known to be trustworthy, and innovative, and constantly strives to move forwards.

Quick on the heels of Microgaming was Cryptologic, another online gambling software company that has been a key player in the history of online gambling.  In the early online gambling days, Cryptologic was particularly well know for offering excellent Internet gambling security.

In 1996, the establishment of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission took place in Canada.  This gaming commission is known to regulate and control online gambling activities that take place in the Mohawk territory.  The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is still operating today and gives licenses to various types of online gambling sites.

1996 was the important landmark year in the history of online gambling.  Even though the first gambling jurisdiction was started in 1994, 1996 saw the launch of the first online casino.  This took place in October 1996, and although there is some dispute about which was the very first online casino, most are of the opinion that the first online casino was InterCasino, that is still in operation today, and is powered by Cryptologic online casino software.  The online casino has certainly kept up with the times, and has managed to maintain its popularity.

The other contender for the possible first online casino is Gaming Club that was started by Microgaming. Microgaming was licensed in Gibraltar.  Gaming Club was certainly one of the first two online casinos that existed at the beginning of the history of online casinos, helping to pave the way for other online gambling sites.

The online gambling world flourished in the years 1997 and 1998, with new and improved online gambling software being developed, along with a good dose of healthy competition, causing online casinos and other online gambling sites to constantly and consistently improve their offerings.

There have been further improvements in the industry since high speed Internet has become commonplace.  Now that mobile gaming is growing, there are more and more exciting developments that are coming to the surface.